Vinnicius Martins spent spring in Europe, most of it at the great Feel Viana resort, and filled his time with sports activities and wing-foil camps. He reports:

Over the last two years we’ve been seeing the astronomic rise of Wing Foiling!
The equipment, the number of “wingers” on the water, the level of the tricks, etc. Everything increased, as well as the interest of people in getting more information about this young sport and to improve faster and have more fun with their wings.

Aware of this scenario, I got very excited when I was invited to come to Europe and give some wing foil clinics, mixing what I’ve learned about this sport since I’ve dove into it, with the experience I have in giving SUP clinics.

Embedded in nature: 4* Feel Viana sport hotel – check:

Feel Viana Center at the beach with all the gear.

The events happened in two great venues: Greece and Portugal.
Most of the time I spent in the charming town of Viana do Castelo, at the Feel Viana Center. The spot has perfect conditions for both beginners and experienced foilers and the centre offers a great selection of JP and NeilPryde equipment – not only for foiling but also for windsurfing and Cabrinha kites.

We had participants from many different backgrounds, some came from windsurfing, some from kitesurfing, others were already foiling at a good level!

Male, Female; people in their mid 20’s, others in their mid 60’s. But everybody improved a lot during the clinics, and seeing this got me even more motivated to keep getting better at this exciting sport and sharing it with other wingfoilers.

What an enriching experience it was!
Hope to see you on the water soon.



Pictures: Juvenal Alves-Vieira / Feel Viana