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We differentiate between “designed for foiling” boards and “foil option” boards.

Boards with “foil option” are classic windsurfing shapes, which have been adapted for foil use (reinforced box) – with these boards you don’t have to make any compromise when windsurfing with fin, and foiling will still be good fun.
Everything you need to know about foiling you can find here

You are looking for the “normalwindsurf boards? You can find them here.

All about foiling

Here we explain the basic differences between a conventional windsurf board and a windsurf board designed for foiling.

designed for Foiling

Designed for Foiling

Boards which are „designed for foiling“ are pure windfoil boards. That means we have sacrificed all normal windsurfing abilities to guarantee the best windfoil performance possible. Generally they are shorter, have a different center of gravity and some other shape features which make your lives easier when foiling. E.g. very rounded edges to prevent catapults and get you up flying again as quick as possible.

Foil option

Approved for foiling

Boards with “foil option” are classic windsurfing shapes, which we have given very good foil suitability with a few tweaks. That means, with these boards you don’t have to make any sacrifices when surfing on the fin, but you will still have a very good foil experience. They all come with foil approved fin boxes. Depending of their range of use, there are Tuttle boxes, Track plate boxes or even foil approved power box systems.

The best Hybrid Boards

The best is of course always a matter of perspective. But we are sure that everyone can find the best board for themselves among the JP range. If you’re the versatile type, it’s worth taking a look at our hybrid boards. Boards with which you are not nailed down to one sport, but have the possibility to develop yourself. With the JP-Australia Freefoil you can not only freeride windsurf, freestyle or ride waves, but you can also wingfoil very well. We have given the board an extra long footpad and additional loop options and a leash plug.
For those who want to stick to Windsurfing we have several proven shapes, which give you the possibility to exchange the fin for a foil, in case you want to learn something new or if the conditions are changing.
Then, there are shapes like the Foil Slate, which can be found in our SUP range, which are suited for Stand up Paddling, Windsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling and more.

Fin Box used by JP-Australia.

JP-Australia was the firs brand, which developed dedicated windsurf foil boards for serial production and also who invented a „foil approved“ Powerbox. Amongst the available options we always chose the one, which is best suited for the purpose of the board. In some shapes, we even include two different kind of boxes, to expand the possibilities.
Basically, for more performance orientated boards, we use our „Deep Tuttle“ boxes, which all come foil approved. They will withstand the strongest forces, from large foils and fins.
For versatility and manoeuvre orientated boards, we use the JP „Double Track Box“ system, which allows to mount all foils with plate mount and give you the full possibilities to adjust the position of the foil according to your needs or to switch between windsurfing and winging.
Then, there is also our foil approved „Powerbox“, which is used in our Magic Ride and Freestyle Wave boards. That means you can still use your existing fins, but your boards gained a new purpose of use.

Which foil fits my board.

Basically, all foils on the market should fit to our JP-Australia boards, given you choose the right connection system.
But we develop and test our boards in close cooperation with Neilpryde foils and sails. Like this, we can be sure, the board and foil combination are matching perfectly without having to adjust to many things.
Both, the Neilpryde Glide Foil system and the Flight FR foils, come with interchangeable heads, so it is guaranteed, you can get the foil with the right box system for your board.
For the more playful, manoeuvre oriented style or if you seek for getting into the waves or go wing foiling, we recommend the Neilpryde glide system. With a wide variety of frontwing sizes and styles, there is a good option for everyone and the possibility to add further wing sizes without buying a complete new set.
If you are looking for the best performance for your Hydrofoil, Super Sport or Slalom board, you will find the right foil within the Flight Range. There is the Flight FR series, our free ride weapon, which comes with our interchangeable head system or the Flight SLR, our no compromise slalom and performance foil.