GT-S Carbon

The GT-S is the pinnacle of our flatwater touring range development! Think "ease of use" at no cost to speed. The narrow nose outline slices through the water effortlessly making way for the wide and parallel midsection to carry that glide all the way through the stable tail.
The idea is to be able to enjoy the view on SUP tours while gliding at an average Race SUP speed. You don’t want to feel cramped on a super narrow race board afraid you'll take a dive if you take a look around you.
Big bungee deck area with subtle cockpit a well as a new, second bungee on the tail will take care of all the gear you can possible need for a great tour.

2023 Touring
GT-S Carbon

Completely new shape


Touring board for flatwater


Wide tail




Perfect for lakes

SUPboarder test: GT-S 12'6"

SUPboarder magazine got hold of the GT-S 12'6"x29" in Biax construction:
Video: GT-S test
"What we say:
The GT-S is one of the most stable, fast touring boards on the market...."
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