… infallible riding comfort, a versatility to adapt to rider abilities and genuinely accessible performance …

Positioned right in the centre of the popular freeride class, these boards are simply great all-rounders. With these shapes every rider can reach high speeds easily, even when not fully powered. Additionally, the boards have control in abundance, hence, they ignore chop and their performance seems to have no limits when the conditions get rough. Hassle-free freeride performance for everybody: They are fun to sail and a treat to gybe. What they provide simply is a Super Ride!

The WindSurfing magazine passed the verdict, “… infallible riding comfort, a versatility to adapt to rider abilities and genuinely accessible performance …” What more could any freerider want?


And ‘accessible performance’ is, what sets this board apart from other freeride boards: the combination of user-friendliness is inextricably linked to performance in every aspect of freeriding. So, it really is fast and at the same time easy to control. In fact, it will be faster than the Super Sport for all riders who don’t wish to sail overpowered or don’t have the ability or physical strength to muscle down big sails and commit to a locked-in stance.

The slim hull contributes to the board’s smoothness – be it on downwind runs at top pace or in high-speed manoeuvres. Being narrower throughout than the Super Sport, especially in the tail, makes it easier to rail-up the board and carve through high speed gybes. When pushing the rail harder, it bites more aggressively, adapting the radius according to the changing demands of the rider.

This is also the main difference from the Magic Ride: the Super Ride is faster – comfortably – and the narrower hull makes it feel smother when carved into gybes at higher speeds.


Shape details

The long, wide hull creates a big planing surface. As a result, it was possible to keep the rails thin throughout the whole length which provides optimal grip once the rail is set. Together with the ergonomic deck shape, the rail also makes for a super comfortable stance in every strap position. And no matter whether you chose the inboard or outboard option, it is always easy to get into and out of the foot straps.


The tail is wide and rounded, providing a big planing surface. The curved tail outline makes all kinds of gybes easy and staying on the plane throughout the gybe comes naturally.

Be it high speed carves or super tight turns – every rider will push his limits and nail more gybes than ever before.


The scoop rocker line and V flow come from our Slalom board range. The Super Ride has a high, loose water position and gives you the confidence of stability when speeding over chop.


* Parabolic Rail Reinforcement
* Integrated Innegra nose reinforcement
* Full bottom Paulownia wood sandwich construction and reinforcements
* Multiple Footstrap Positions
* Footstrap Scale
* G10 fin
* Approved for foiling

* Approved for foiling
* Rail Reinforcement
* Paulownia wood reinforcements
* Significant nose reinforcement with integrated Biax-Glass
* Deck stringer
* Multiple Footstrap Positions
* Footstrap Scale

The 3 big models are from the second shape generation and are not only available in Wood Pro but also in ES technology. They are slightly longer than their predecessors in order to get going easily – especially for passive early planing. Their overall width enlarges the planing surface and improves stability.

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24 Wood Pro

102 - 113 - 124 - 139


Tech data

Super Ride Wood Pro

24 Epoxy Sandwich Technology

113 - 124 - 139


Tech data

Super Ride ES

SURF 05/2021, DE, Super Ride 139 LTX TEST

„Der Super Ride ist das agilere Board für gute Gleitwindbedingungen und bietet das etwas agilere, direktere und straffere Fahrgefühl, das eher erfahrene Freerider oft bevorzugen. Auch die Halseneigenschaften passen dazu. Das Board lässt sich im Turn jederzeit gut steuern, nach Belieben auch richtig eng drehen, braucht aber auch etwas aktive Führung.“

Surf-Fazit: Die deutlich sportlichere. agilere Alternative zum Magie Ride. Perfekt für manöverorientierte Freerider oder Freeracer. No Link
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Deep Tuttle adapter for Glide Surf and Glide Wind Foils. Foil approved fin boxes – specially reinforced for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases.

Glide Wind HP

Interchangeable head
(Deep Tuttle Box / Powerbox / Surf Plate)

Mast: 80 cm

GLIDE WIND is our friendly, easy-cruising and carving foil, also suitable for wave riding and basic freestyle moves. Ever dreamed about foiling but felt that it might be too dangerous or difficult? GLIDE WIND is the perfect tool to get you into foiling.

The lowest possible speed is required for take-off allowing first-time foilers to feel safe and comfortable. This all-round foil focuses on extreme stability and early flying. It is designed with round edges on the wings for safety and has been engineered to prevent catapults and to allow soft landings.

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Flight FR

Freerace / Freeride
Interchangeable head
(Deep Tuttle Box / Powerbox / Surf Plate)

Mast: 85 cm

The FLIGHT FR is the latest evolution of NEILPRYDE’s accessible high-performance freeride foil range for real world sailors. It is less intimidating than full carbon foils and still delivers exceptional speed in a wide wind range.
Compatible with high performance freeride, and purely specialized foil boards, the FLIGHT FR not only offers great lift, stability and control but is even faster than many other full-carbon foils in the market.
The riders have expressed that this is the most fun windsurfing foil in the range and freestylers have even been choosing this over any other foil for freestyle foiling. Truly an all-round foil for everyone!

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Glide Swift Carbon

Wing / SUP / Windsurf / Tow
Fixed Head  ( Surf Plate)

Mast: 85 cm

The most performant foil for small(freeride) windsurf and especially wing boards: its high aspect wings provide little drag and resistance resulting in great performance. Its speed provides the ideal power for high jumps. It is easy to control and offers a easy take-off. The term describing it best is efficiency!
In winging, its placements at the top GWA events demonstrate that it match the most specialized foils out there but it is much easier to use. It not only impresses in racing, but also earns points in pump sections, waves, and freestyle.
In windsurfing, the Glide Swift won Yentel Caers the first ever foil-style competition on the FPT tour.

Board Collection

Freeride Range Comparison

Experience the thrill of the board planing —”flying”— over the water surface: JP’s 2024 Free Ride Windsurf collection – your passport to the exhilarating world of windsurfing freedom!
Different in the same range of use: Here is the comparision of the boards’ characteristics.