The hunt for versatility stops right here! JPs have always been the true classics in the Freestyle Wave class because they are super balanced and incredible fun in the widest possible wind and water range. And the current generation of all-water toys is no exception, providing a compact feel and quick response in manoeuvres. As an additional treat they not only sail faster but at the same time feel more comfortable than all their predecessors. Uniting the core virtues almost every windsurfer is looking for, they truly tick all the boxes as all-in-one boards!

The design brief for Werner Gnigler was as simple as it gets: Just make them better without sacrificing in any segment. A very tricky task when you are asked to improve our already market-leading all-rounders but with the development of the Magic Wave in his pocket, our shaper already had a pretty clear idea what to do. Werner: “I planned to maintain the proven proportions of width, length and volume as they are key to overall ease and let us offer the perfect balance between all disciplines. The major change I had in mind was that I wanted to re-work the bottom curve…”

Shape details:
The slim outline in the nose area provides the feel of lightness. The centred swing weight further enhances the compact feel and the great responsiveness in manoeuvres.
In the mid-section the outline is parallel creating a big surface for early planing and stability.
Just wide enough for good planing, the narrow tail allows you to maintain control during fast runs over choppy water and – together with the thin rails – bites hard into high speed carving turns and small waves without getting stuck.

The deck shape creates a comfortable stance for all foot strap positions, providing perfect board control and excellent responsiveness.
The thruster fin box setup in combination with the inboard strap option is the perfect tuning for maximum manoeuvrability. Alternatively, the outboard strap position matches best with a single fin setup and offers the best freeride solution.

Essential shape details
The front section of the board features a significant Vee combined with double concaves making the board super comfortable and effortless to sail.
Starting between the straps and towards the tail, the Vee becomes less pronounced resulting in a very curvy rail line and thinned out rails. This is responsible for the outstanding manoeuvrability and grip during turns and further improves the wave heritage of these boards.
The rocker was reduced along the centre, not only boosting the performance level in blasting mode but also resulting in a more comfortable stance due to the loose and stable water position of the new shapes.

Coming with an almost identical layup as the Freestyle boards, the FSWs feature a Carbon Innegra deck! (also see technology)

All Freestyle Waves come with thruster fin boxes: The main Powerbox and two side Slotboxes and covers. This year, the boards no longer feature the Foil-Powerbox.

The main fin comes in G10 material featuring a lot of area at the tip, a curvy outline and a smooth swept back rake angle. Thus, the fin provides a lot of drive and a secure, steady ride in combination with outstanding manoeuvrability.

The 124 L version is proportionally slightly longer with a slightly wider tail to fit the needs of the target group in lighter winds. A perfectly balanced board with a huge range of use and on top of this, it is the most manoeuvrable and versatile JP board in this volume range. A real crowd pleaser!

It has been said before and has to be pointed out again: The Freestyle Wave concept is the ideal option for 99% of coastal-sailing recreational windsurfers. The Freestyle Wave offers so many tuning options that it can be set up perfectly for any given day, no matter what the conditions. It’s an ideal all-round high wind board for both, blasting and bump & jump sailing. It also shines as a powerful, all-round wave board for lighter winds, heavier sailors or difficult conditions and is great fun especially for huge jumps and fast carves in side to side onshore conditions.

* Carbon Innegra Deck
* Parabolic Rail band and extra integrated Innegra nose reinforcement
* High-density PVC in deck and bottom
* S-Glass Stringers
* Footstrap scale
* Thruster Fin Setup
* RTM Slotbox Carbon Side Fins
* G10 Powerbox fin
* Powerbox fin box, not foil approved

Hassle-free medium to high wind freeriding, bump and jump blasting, classic freestyle, high speed carving, wave sailing..... You name it and the Freestyle Wave has it in its bag. Still as all-round as ever, these lively and versatile shapes are JP’s fastest and most manoeuvrable all-water toys.
No matter the conditions, you’ll simply have the best time on the water – easy!

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JP's most-manoeuvrable all-water toy


Moderate to high wind bump & jump, freeride and wave board


Best carving and wave capability of all JP all-rounders


Big range of use including freeriding, freestyle and wave, too!


Direct feel through low swing weight


Compact shape for control and stability in choppy conditions

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Nahezu JP typisch zeig der Shape kaum extravagante Ausprägungen, was auch den auf dem Wasser sehr ausgeglichenen Charakter erklärt. auf einem durchgehend gemäßigten V Shape mit kleinen Konkaven gleitet das Board nicht spektakulär aber zügig an und geht harmonisch in eine sportlich direkte freie Gleitlage mit wenig Widerstand über. Durch seine Rails lässt er Sport sich gut Kabel und ist ein Manöver einfach zu bewegen. Das kommt nicht nur sportlichen Fahrern sondern auch halsen-Schülern sehr entgegen. Mit etwas Druck lässt sich auch die ein oder andere Welle gleitstark und in variablen Radien ab surfen. Ein Board für alle Fälle: Der JP begleitet Aufsteiger sicher durch die Heise und überzeugt fortgeschrittene drehfreudig in gemäßigten Brandungswellen. + Foil-Eignung, enge und weite Halsen No Link
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