WindsupAir SL

We introduced the JP windsurfing DNA to the most versatile shapes in the line and created this model.
With this combination, we created the magic formula: Windsurf + SUP + inflatable = WindsupAIR.
The JP-Australia fans have chosen WindsupAIR as one of their all-time favorite products.

The WindsupAir provides a good all-round/cruising option for stand-up paddling, but the great windsurfing experience provided is equally enjoyable.
Not to forget that it is also great for SUP yoga and SUP surfing. The center fin allows for better upwind performance.

The SuperLight is the most economical solution for those who are getting into Stand-Up Paddling. More stability for the beginners, more comfort for the families!

Included: Comfortable backpack, double action pump, repair kit, 9″ & 10″ fin

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2023 Adventure / Allround
WindsupAir SL

Bungee rope


Windsurf mastplug


Center fin


Double Layer Drop Stitch