The biggest apparent difference which is easiest to spot is the new tail cut-out configuration. The first cut-out starts much further forward and the curve of the cut-outs increases towards the tail. The tail is re-designed for a more even water flow around the fin in order to provide steady fin pressure for permanent power and top speed. The thicker tail with the slightly reduced V provides the extra lift and power in light winds. The V in the front adds curve to the rail line and prevents the nose from catching in straight lines and gybes.

They work great as beginner boards and shine with their enormous range of use, progressively unleashing their sporty potential the better you get! True all-round daggerboard funboards.

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Great combination of a beginner board with sporty “Funboard feeling”


Reinforced nose to prevent damages from mast impacts


Retractable dagger board for stability and easy upwind sailing


Colour coded full EVA Deck with microdot structure for good grip and comfort


New Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size
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Carrying straps on the nose and tail.