They provide the superior stability and easy handling which every beginner needs! After only a few hours everybody will be sailing back and forth. Moreover, they are more than pure beginner boards because they can get you to the planing barrier of a large freeride board. Consequently, they are excellent beginner and family boards, also offering potential for a more advanced rider.

The designs feature a parallel outline and a bottom shape concept which starts with a flat Vee to a Vee with concaves towards the nose.


The 170 has a very wide range of use. It works as a beginner board for most riders from kids, to lightweights to sporty medium weights. It is still short enough to turn easily – an important feature the lighter the rider and the lighter the wind.


The 200 is the perfect beginner board as it is very wide and stable. It is a bit longer which provides better tracking – an advantage for heavier beginners.


The 240 is clearly longer than its brothers providing superior directional stability. Due to the enormous width over the whole length and its fuller rails, the high volume makes it super stable – even for the heaviest newcomer.

* Full EVA Deck
* Retractable Daggerboard
* Intuitive Guide Pad
* Carrying Straps
* Footstrap Scale
* Strap Positions for Beginners and Advanced

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Best JP beginner boards there are!


Super wide for ultimate stability


Reinforced nose to prevent damages from mast impacts


Retractable dagger board for safetly, stability and easy upwind sailing


Carrying straps on the nose and tail


Multiple footstrap options for all rider levels: inboard for beginners, outboard for sporty cruising


Full EVA deck with microdot structure for good grip and comfort


"Intuitive Guide Pad" - colours help to find the right standing position on the board