The JP-Australia Surf range is designed for the “no-compromise”, top to bottom performance in the proper surf conditions for riders of all sizes. The whole Surf line has unique features: single to double concave flowing into a V tail, pulled in nose and tail, progressive rocker line and thin rails.

All of the boards come with a 5 fin setup option and 3 fins. The whole range comes with FCS plugs, and the boxes positioned for the center fin allow the rider to choose 2 different fin positions.


Center Thruster – Resin Transfer Molded + 2x Side Thruster – Resin Transfer Molded
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Shaped by Werner Gnigler


Innegra Parabolic Rail (thin rails)


Pulled in nose and tail


Progressive rocker line


V tail

SUP International Mag

“A solid feeling board which has been slowly refined over the years, the 8’1” JP offers loads of speed and precise control. It’s super quick on a wave and snappy off the top if you push it.”
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SUP Boarder

“A real performance shape, in a user friendly size. An ideal board to take your surfing up a level.” (Surf 8'6")
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