CruisAir LE

The CruisAir is the perfect design for your everyday paddle, touring and fitness. The balanced shape outline with a wider tail and narrower outline combines stability with speed. It is an excellent daily use board for different levels of riders. The outline and the features of this model follow the latest trends in SUP cruising.
This board is a good choice for those looking for a faster glide without compromising stability. It can flow smoothly on the water due to its narrow nose and great water dynamic parameters. This shape is one step closer to SUP racing compared to the AllroundAir.

2023 Touring
CruisAir LE

Welded Seam Technology


Double Layer Drop Stitch


Bungee rope


Stability for all kinds of riders

SUP Boarder

"Stiffer and lighter than previous JP boards... The CruisAir is a lovely iSUP, no faults or complaints."
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Stand Up Paddle Mag UK

"Both JP Australia's 10’6 AllroundAir and 11’6 CruisAir are examples of premium inflatables that are able to cope with multiple tasks. Being fun for newbies, yet applicable to touring and journeying, the only high-end performance differences are when you drop the hammer aboard the 11’6... Width stability issues are non-existent."
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