Contact JP Australia

You are welcome to contact us for GENERAL INQUIRIES about JP and JP-Australia products.

Prices & availability

For all inquiries concerning prices or availability, please contact the JP-DISTRIBUTOR in your country or -ideally- your local JP-DEALER.

Dealer Locator coming soon!


Questions concerning warranty have to be addressed to the dealer, where you have purchased your product.

Promotional items

For sticker, flags, brochures and other promotional items also contact your local JP DEALER! He has or can organize all the things you require.? Sorry, but we are not able handle these matters and questions concerning these topics can not be answered!

Dealer Locator coming soon!



If your are looking for some PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS or SUGGESTIONS, please also tell us something about yourself and your ‘windsurfing background’.

  • What (sort of product) are you interested in ?
  • What board(s) did you use so far ?
  • What other boards do you own / what’s your complete board range ?
  • What did you like and dislike about all these boards ?
  • What sail sizes and types do you have ?
  • Which of these sails do you plan to use with your new board ?
  • Which of them do you use most (e.g. 5,8=50%; 6,6=30%, 5,0=20%) ?
  • Where are you sailing mostly ?
  • How are the conditions at this/these spot/s ?
  • Do you take you board for windsurfing vacations ?
  • How are the conditions there ?
  • Since when are you sailing ?
  • How many days do you sail per year ?
  • How much do you weight ?
  • How tall are you ?
  • Give us some information about your windsurfing abilities.
  • What is your ‘level’ and what can you do with your board (examples) ?
  • What do you want to do or learn with your new board ?
  • Anything else….. (please give us as much information as possible) ?
How can we help you?