Accelerate, unhook, start turning upwind strongly. Bend your knees to lower the centre of gravity and lean back and outboard to apply pressure onto the ‘windward’ rail – which  consequently will be the inside rail of the whole 360° turn. Keep both feet in the straps. Tilt the rig backwards and sheet-in until the nose points straight into the wind.

Tip: The head leads the way. Look forward over your ‘originally windward’ shoulder in the direction you want the board to turn.

Maintain pressure on the windward/inside rail to continue turning. In the eye of the wind, tilt the rig forward and backwind your sail. To do so, bring your bodyweight over your sail, extend the mast arm and start pushing gently with your bent rear hand to control the pressure. The further back on the boom your rear hand, the easier it is to control the pressure of the backwinded sail.

Once the nose turns out of the eye of the wind carefully start shifting your weight onto the rear foot in order to produce more lift and keep the foil flying.

Once 3/4 of the 360 are done, start to sheet-out so that the wind can fill-in from the “right side” of the sail. To control the sail pressure, bend your front arm and extend the rear one! Adjust your body weight accordingly – low and on the inside of the turn. Then start to get ready to continue sailing in a straight line again.