JP & NP team rider at the event in Japan and overall 2023

Photos: John Carter / PWA Worldtour

5th – Bruno Martini ITA-160
8th – Nico Prien GER-7
15the – Pierre Macquaert FRA-945
20 – Cyril Evrard BEL-250
6th – Bruno Martini ITA-160
7th –  Enrico Marotti CRO-401
8th – Nico Prien GER-7
19the – Pierre Macquaert FRA-945
29 – Cyril Evrard BEL-250

Bruno in Gran Canaria
Bruno Martini ITA-160
For the first time in his career Bruno managed to break into the top-10 rankings. The trend of his performance improved over the year and his results got better form event to event:
Garda #13, Pozo #9, Fuerteve #7, Sylt #7, Japan #5
… which earned ITA-160 rank 6th overall !
Congratulations to your great results and a great season, Bruno!
Enrico flying

Enrico Marotti Cro-401
Enrico was not able to participate in Japan because he was on standby mode, eagerly waiting for the arrival of his new little family member. Nevertheless, Enrico’s results from earlier this year were good enough to grant him 7th place in the annual PWA Slalom ranking.
Very well done Enrico and 🤞 for your young one !
Garda #8, Pozo #1, Fuerteve #9, Sylt #10, Japan #-   Overall: #7

Nico attacing at the buoy

Nico Prien GER-7
The German’s target: finishing amongst the top-10 PWA riders in slalom.
Goal for 2023 achieved: 8th overall !
Nico was also proud and happy to win his first elimination on the PWA tour.
Congratulations Nico Prien
Garda #9, Pozo #5, Fuerteve #10, Sylt #14, Japan #8

Pierre Macquaert FRA-945
Finishing 15th at the final PWA World Tour Windsurfing Slalom event of the year the still young rider climbs to position 15 overall — his best result so far!
Very well done, Pierre !

Cyril Evrard BEL-250
Congratulations to our youngest slalom rider to his first top-20 result at a PWA event and finishing 3rd overall in the Youth Slalom ranking !

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