GWA Leucate

Kylie Belloeuvre on the podium


Huge congratulations to Kylie for battling through some insane conditions in Leucate, showing off some amazing skills in one of the windiest wing foil events in history.

Some words from Kylie:

This first stop of the GWA world tour in Leucate at the mondial du vent was absolutely thrilling. There, we had some very strong Tramontana, up to 61 knots! For most of the riders, it was our first time winging and competing in these crazy conditions.

Coming from the South of France, I am used to Mistral which can be blasting as well, so I managed to land a few of my freestyle tricks with my FLY2 1.8 and my 55L F-Winger, which allowed me to earn a 5th place. 
On the slalom side, I mostly ran on my FLY2 2.4 and had a very good speed. For this event, the format of freefly-slalom changed : we ran 4 qualifying eliminations and then got into medal series. 
For girls, if you were top 6 after the qualifying rounds, you could go into medal series which was split in quarter, semi and finals. Girls ranked from 1 to 6 met in quarters, the first two were directly qualified in the finals. The four others ran a semi final, the first two were qualified into the final. Then we run a final with the four girls qualified and the ranking of that final is the final ranking. 
After the qualifiers, I was ranked second, we had an hour break before going into medal series. I am really happy that I managed to stay calm and did not get nervous. Then we ran our quarter final, in which I finished in 2nd position and was directly qualified for the final. During the final, I competed the same way I did the last days and got this deserved 2nd place which I am really excited about.”  

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GWA Leucate

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