Andy Laufer

Andy started Windsurfing back in 1981. Since then, he traveled all over the world to find the best windsurfing conditions. Andy is addicted to speed and is always hunting for flat spots with crazy strong winds. He is chasing speed records since 2016 and even set a German speed record in 2018.


Andy Laufer


JP Windsurfing

Andy Laufer

Beside reaching enormous speeds on his windsurfing board, Andy is famous for his FPV videos. He tries to catch the beauty of windsurfing with his GoPro since 2015, with which he won a part of the GoProMillionDollarChallenge in 2020, what has been a highlight in Andy’s Career. Beside Windsurfing he is also a father of his three lovely kids.

Personal Quote of Andy Laufer

I feel a need for speed

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