Alexa Escherisch

Alexa is a 21-year-old water girl from Munich, Germany, with one of the biggest smiles in the windsurfing community.
As a water addict, when she has spare time from university, she flies back to her second home: the Canary Islands.
Risco del Paso is the spot she first started windsurfing when she was five years old.
There, Alexa is training to perfect her skills in one of her favorite disciplines, freestyle.


Alexa Escherisch


JP Windsurfing

Alexa Escherisch

Being on the water with friends, laughing and motivating each other is one of her best-loved moments in this sport.
But also, the discipline wave at Gran Canaria makes her relish the time on the water.

Personal Quote of Alexa Escherisch

Enjoying the feeling of being blown by the wind and carried by the board, connecting all the water-hearted people, she trusts that it’s one of the best feelings to be able to share the passion and positive vibes.

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