Photo Credit: Jess Porse (action) and Brian Engblad, (winners)

Sebastian Kornum pushes into #2nd at the WATERZ Longdistance
Hvide Sande, 02-03 September.

The famous WATERZ Longdistance took place in Hvide Sande last weekend. With 70 competitors, many visitors and great wind it turned out to be another legendary event.

Who would be faster? Fin or Foil? That was one of the big talks leading into the event. With flat water, fins seemed to have a chance, however, it was the foils that made the best average speeds across the course.

Three World Cup riders completed the podium with Johan Søe 1st, our team rider Sebastian Kornum 2nd and Kasper Juul Larsen in 3rd.

Sebastian speaks after the event: “I knew I was going to use my foil for this race. My gear was tuned with a great setup for long distance racing and my equipment felt amazing. With Johan being 20 kg heavier than me which gave him a slight advantage on the long reaches. In the last race we had a really nice battle side by side for a long time, but he got the better of me when the wind dropped a bit.”

“After racing I had such a good time catching up with many old friends and happy windsurfers. I really enjoyed the vibes and to see windsurfing alive like that! 70 competitors and many more windsurfers came to hang out and have a free session in Hvide Sande.
Big thanks to the WATERZ crew for making the event!”

“Now I will switch the focus to PWA in Sylt which will finally take place end of September. I am excited to compete again at the highest level! It has been quite a while since my last World Cup.”

“What will be very interesting in Sylt is again the choice between fin or foil. If we get a shore break it will be so difficult to launch with foil so let’s see what happens.”