Marino Gil Gherardi E-959 – PWA Pozo Wave Champion ‘24

The JP team rider claims his first ever PWA wave event

Photos: John Carter / PWA Worldtour and Philip Mackenbrock

PWA Pozo wave event – June 29 to July 07 2024
The racers returned to the windiest island in the Canaries and the howling breeze of over 40 knots did not disappoint. The waves weren’t very high, but even the small ramps were steep to allow for big jumps, so the stage was once again set for some great action.
Marino Gil Gherardi, E-959 – 1st !

Marino Gil Gherardi E-959 is the winner of the PWA Pozo wave event 2024 ! It’s hard to describe his stunning sailing, but the result speaks for itself. Congratulations, Marino!
The PWA reports:
“On day one Marino posted the highest scoring heat of the day. The 21-year-old boosted through the highest jumps of the day while rotating through a sick stalled double forward – which earned 9.38 points – and a big one-footed backloop, while he was also able to land a Klei in the waves.”

On day two, the hugely popular local was able to backup that.

The PWA reports:
He deservedly claimed his maiden victory on the World Tour after producing an accomplished performance. Gil has great awareness in the air, consistently landing stalled double forwards, while when presented with an ideal ramp he landed an almost perfect pushloop forward – 9.57 points – during the final ….. Gil also shone in the waves landing frontside 3s and takas to deservedly claim the top spot on the podium for the first time in his career”.
Marino flying at stellar heights ... one footed
Robby Swift K-89 – 5th
On the first day Swifty wasn’t lucky finding the waves he would have liked for high scores, but still managed to get through all of his heats. As a top rider, you also have to win the heats in which you don’t perform at your best. On day two the picture changed: It was his wave selection and his solid and consistent sailing throughout all of his heats at the highest level filling his score sheets with great marks. Flawlessly K-89 fought his way through all the rounds until the semi-finals. As the second best rider, he was rewarded with a fifth place – congratulations, Robby !
K-89 in mid backie
Anton Richter G-6 – 17th
Anton participated in the U21 class and sailed well to finish 5th there. However, the young German delivered his best performance in his first and second rounds of the men’s division, in which Anton pulled off the back loop with the highest score of all his opponents. As the Double elimination is still on-hold the result may still change.
Morgan Noireaux HI-101 – 25th
Same as Robby, Morgan couldn’t find decent waves in the single elimination. In the Double, HI-101 made it over the first round. In the second round he focused on jumping and won with a back loop, a stalled forward and a double forward loop. Unfortunately, his wave riding came short and Morgan only finished 3rd and thus 25th overall.

Marino’s, Robby’s and Anton’s board of choice: JP’s Ultimate Wave !

G-6 carving into his next wave ride
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