Foil approved fin boxes

For the first HydroFoil boards, JP invented the specially reinforced boxes for foils with Deep Tuttlebox bases three years ago: The Foil-Tuttlebox Now, the Freestyle and Magic Ride PRO also feature a reinforced Foil-Powerbox! (Ø 8mm bolt hole to avoid drilling for the NP Powerbox foil adapter)

Side Fin Boxes

Option to use a thruster fin setup (now also for the Freestyle Wave FWS)

Innegra Rails

high modulus polypropylene fiber  excellent impact resistance pigmented resin: saves weight (no paint needed) and prevents paint chipping

Parabolic Rail Construction

works as stringer and reinforcement along the rail less flex during a turn quicker response to foot pressure

Carbon Innegra

High-end hybrid fabric with incredible strength-to-weight ratio Excellent stiffness and impact resistance Pigmented resin: saves weight and prevents paint chipping

Slotbox with scale

Scale to position the fin – trimming made easy

Double Footstrap Plugs

4 screws per strap for safety and a perfect connection between rider and board 100% anti-twist Only available on Ultimate Wave, Wave Slate, Freestyle and Slalom

New Footstraps

Scale for easy and quick adjustment to the foot size for all straps and on every board Black color to prevent dirty looking straps

Foil Slate