As always, speed means security: So, build up speed and, like with a simple foil jump, bring the board as close as you can to the water without touching the surface. Reach wider at the fork, unhook from the trapeze and carve hard into the wind. A wide grip on the boom will increase control and helps to balance the push at the end of the jump. Shift the weight backwards strongly and quickly to generate as much lift as possible from the foil.

Take off like when doing a normal Shaka (1). During the jump, pull the sail backwards and lean clearly over and onto your front hand (2). Press down with the mast hand and pull up with the sail hand to turn your body and the nose of the board into the wind (3). The sail fills from the other side and you can float for a moment

Try to land backwinded (4) with your nose pointing slightly downwards which supports to cushion the landing a bit (5).
Complete the rotation like with a normal shaka (6). To do this, bend your front knee, push the sail further into the wind and slide it to the end using the sail control in the back.