Everyone loves forward loops.
To be able to pull them off with a foil now already in 10 knots … that is simply awesome!

Build up enough speed, unhook and prepare like for a normal jump.

Keep the rig vertical! Slide the rear hand back on the boom as far as possible (1).

Immediately after take-off, sheet-in hard with your rear arm and extend your front arm (2).

Curl your body up into a tight ball and bend your legs up to your chest (3)…

… to accelerate the rotation and gain enough height with the board (4).

Look back over your shoulder to spot the landing zone early (5).

For landing, extend your legs again to absorb the impact (6)…
… and the foil-forward is done.

If you did everything correctly, you will probably end up on your back for the first few attempts. Try to stay in the straps and stretch out your arms to be able to continue riding right from the water start position.

As with any type of front loop, the following also applies here:
It’s easier than it looks, but it takes a bit of self-confidence and you have to overcome your fear.

Tips before the first attempts:

» Feel safe with normal foil jumps

» Have a good, controlled ride on the foil

» Adjust your foot straps well. Due to the weight of the foil, it is easier to slide out of the straps than when jumping with a fin…

» …and if that happens, always hold on to the boom tightly. This way you’ll stay safe.