(1) Build up speed and carve upwind as you do for every normal tack or heli tack and
try to stay on the foil for as long as possible.

(2) Point right into the wind until the sail is completely neutral. Wait for the board to drop onto the water before starting the ‘hand work’ which is similar to the one of the duck jibe.

(3) Slide your rear hand further back on the boom.

(4) Lean the sail forward and with your front hand…

(5) … reach all the way to the clew.

(6) Pull the clew back…

(7)… to bring the rig around you by turning your body. Start ‘dancing’…

(8)…your feet to the new side. Reach far forward to the front of the boom.

(9) Grab the boom with both hands in the normal windsurf position.

Sheet in to bear off and push the board further downwind with your front foot.

Pump to accelerate and get the board onto the foil and sail away.


» Pull the rig back hard (6) to bring the sail around you!
» Reach as far forward as possible on the new side of the boom! (7 & 8)
The farther you get, the easier the sail shift and the more control.

The more experience you have doing this trick and when the sail shift is no problem anymore, you should try to do to the whole move flying on the foil.