Words by Yentel Caers   |   Move & video: Double Air Culo   |   Photos: P.Mackenbrock

Technically, it is one of the most advanced moves in freestyle… and it needs commitment.
Thus it is hard to go for it.

Before doing this trick you need to be able to do a normal Culo in all kind of conditions, strong wind, light wind, choppy conditions, a.s.o. I suggest to start learning it in stronger winds, like 4.8-4.0 weather, which will help you to rotate faster in the second spin.

Lakes are usually good to learn because there you’ll get small steep chop which will help for a good lift in a slightly upwind take-off. The ultimate best place to learn big moves would be Brasil, Jeri…
just dreaming…

When you have the right conditions and you feel confident with your gear, it’s time for the first try.

Like for all aerial freestyle moves, power and speed are key to success.
Line up half wind direction and check for flat water spot for the duck. Duck the sail with as much power and speed as possible.

Carve upwind like you would do for a Kono. Try to take-off like you do a normal Culo but with the sail slightly more upwind and more vertical so that it creates more lift.

The higher you can go in the first rotation, the more time you have to complete the second one.

After the first rotation, bring your body forward to the centre of gravity and spin into the second one by pushing with the back hand.

One important thing what will help in every move is to look where you’re going and already try to spot the landing area.

Doing this, you bring your body in the right position and push the right way to keep rotating and open the sail at the right point to stop spinning.

The first time you’ll land the move, it will feel surprisingly easy because the landing is exactly the same as a normal Culo.

There are 2 ways to finish the move:
One: by flipping the sail and end the move in the same direction as started or
Two: by adding another sail-180 to sail away in the opposite direction – so: a “540”.

Watch loads of videos! Analyse and compare your moves with the ones of the pros/friends, how they do it differently and manage to land them.