Carving from upwind and downwind feels like wave sailing and you can compare it to a sequence of bottom and top turns.

To carve downwind:

  • straighten your body and lean inboard and forward to shift your weight over the toes. This applies pressure to the leeward rail.
  • move your hand further back on the boom (wide grip) and
  • sheet in (this will help to control the sail pressure!

Don’t sheet in as hard as when wave sailing: After the turn is initiated, sheet out a bit again to maintain the constant airflow around the sail and to continue the flight.

TIP: For more efficiency and control ADAPT THE WIDTH OF YOUR GRIP ON THE BOOM!

To carve upwind:

  • bend your legs to lower your body position and lean further back and outboard to shift your weight onto your heels. This applies pressure to the windward rail.
  • move your back hand forward on the boom hands close together and
  • sheet in gently and steadily

TIP: ‚HEAD STEERING” – use your head for moves. Look over your shoulder and carving upwind will come naturally. The further back you look over the shoulder, the tighter the turn.

Continue to link these moves and enjoy this nice feeling similar to wave sailing.