In and out of the water

If you are experienced you can carry everything at once. To do this, grab the center of the foil mast with one hand and the boom with the other.

TIP: When wading to deeper water, always keep one hand on the foil to avoid contact with the sharp wings –especially with your face– in wavy conditions. When the water is deep enough, tilt the foil downwards.

For the less experienced rider, the safe and easier way is to take the board and sail separately to the water. Grab the front foot strap with one hand and the fuselage with the other. This way you always have an eye on your equipment to avoid damage with or to the wings.

Carrying in the water

After assembling the board and rig in deep enough water, hold the fuselage with one hand to tilt the board onto its rail. With the other hand on the boom, keep the sail flying above the surface of the water.