Words by Yentel Caers   |   Move explained: Air Funnell   |   Move in the video: Air Funnell 1080   |   Photos: P.Mackenbrock

The Air Funnell is one of my go to moves.
Once you can do the Funnell it’s time to learn the Air Funnell.

The aerial version is basically the same as the normal one but it will look more impressively and it is so powerful that you can add various different moves.

There are two different ways how to do it: 1-handed and with 2 hands. I usually go for the 1-handed version because it is easier to bring the sail forward.

Only on really high wind days I use the 2-hand version for more control.

When you’re switch and ready to duck the sail, go slightly downwind – but not too much. Duck the sail with as many speed and power you can.

For the take-off, carve back to half wind.

Now, in a powerful movement, you need to bring the sail forward and slightly up, while popping the board out of the water. Hitting chop will help for take-off.

Doing the 1-handed version, move you back hand just behind the harness lines – this way you can bring the sail further forward by turning your shoulders.

Tip here: The biggest mistake of most people learning the move is that when they start rotating, they fall backwards. You can stop this by shifting your body weight over the gear in a forward motion.

Once in the air and you are rotating, bring the sail backwards again and grab the boom with the front hand.

Get ready for the landing – bend your knees a little to absorb the impact and you can sail away 540.

…add more rotations? Instead of absorbing the landing with your legs, you now transfer the power onto the fin to spin-out and slide into one or even two more 360ies.

… when you landed back winded and start turning into the 540?
Sheet in with your back hand and bring your weight forward again to release the fin out the water. At the end the spins will be the same movement as doing a double flakka what you should be able at this point.