Vinnicius Martin

From a fisherman town in Brazil to the world stage of water sports! Vinni Martins has started his connection with the ocean through windsurfing when he was just 7yo, after that he never wanted to leave the water!

Learned many other water sports but at age of 16 chose Stand Up Paddling as his competitive focus!

After reaching his biggest goal in SUP of winning a world championship and with the covid pandemic putting every competition on hold, Vinni adapted, shifting his focus to foiling and more recently to wing foiling, sport in which he have already won a Brazil and a South American Championship, made a couple of magazine covers and is using all his experience in high performance sport to become one of the best in the world!

Vinnicius Martin


JP Wing

Vinnicius Martin

With a lot of dedication and hard work Vinni won among other titles a ISA Stand Up Paddle World Championship in 2019, but even during his most “SUP dedicated” years he would always find time for a surf, windsurf or kite session!

And beyond the competition world, it’s also among his goals to test the limits of foiling and Stand Up Paddling in Giant Waves like Nazaré in Portugal

Personal Quote of Vinnicius Martin

Searching for magic moments in the water!

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