Sam Esteve

Growing up by the sea in Leucate, southern France, the beach has always been Sam Esteve’s playground. Born into a champion family who managed a windsurfing school permitted him to discover his passion for outdoor sports really early.

Where he is based, there is plenty of wind so at every opportunity he wants to be on the sea. He made this possible by collecting masses of phone numbers from fellow surfers so he always managed to get a lift to the Spots.


Sam Esteve


JP Windsurfing
JP Wing

Sam Esteve

Things started to really heat up, when the world tour was held in Sam’s Hometown Leucate. He wanted to pursue the sport more and more and started competing in the PWA and EFPT. Now he is where he wants to be. Training 6 months of the year and competing 6 months of the year, being an integral part of the JP-Australia Team and traveling all over the world.

Personal Quote of Sam Esteve

I feel the need to push my limits more and more!

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