Nico Prien

Nico was born and raised near the Baltic Sea in northern Germany. After finishing school, he became a professional Windsurfer started to travel to the best windsurfing spots in the world. Beside competing in the PWA Slalom disciplines all over the world, he also loves good wave sessions in Tarifa. Fascinated by his adventures, he wanted to document them for the internet. Nico’s videos address a large audience with his Videos, which made him to one of the most well-known personalities in the windsurfing community.

Nico Prien


JP Windsurfing

Nico Prien

Nico joined the JP-Team in 2016, after a 2-year break, he rejoined the Team in 2023. He is part of our development team for designing boards which are winning world cup competitions and can be used by every-day riders.

Personal Quote of Nico Prien

Gets lost in the extreme, but seeks balance

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