Marco Lufen

Other people call him mister sunshine and he is always happy, especially on a windy day. Marco Lufen’s love for the Sport started at the age of 9 where his father introduced him to his passion for Windsurfing. Ever since his driven motivation towards wind & waves just got stronger and stronger. Having competed in the PWA & FPT World Series for 10 years in Freestyle makes him an expirenced Windsurfer.

Marco Lufen


JP Windsurfing

Marco Lufen

He is presenting our brands with pride since Pryde was his first ever Sponsor after having succeeded in the JP-Young Guns Camp in 2008 & 2009.

Marco is a passionate waterman and does multiple disciplines, while focusing on Freestyle & Waves.

Personal Quote of Marco Lufen

Dream on & Just do it! Create your own path and life will take you on it's ride dedicated for you.

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