Maarten van Ochten

Maarten began windsurfing in Belgium at 7. His parents had old gear, and he learned windsurfing by exploring the water himself. The freedom of windsurfing hooked him, leading him to collect surfmagazines, films and books and finding friends which led him to seek out friends with whom he could share his passion. They aimed to be pro windsurfers and began competing at 12. He got into freestyle, practiced constantly and even and a year off to improve in Aruba.


Maarten van Ochten


JP Windsurfing

Maarten van Ochten

After his initial successes in the PWA and EFPT, a dream came true for him – Maarten became a part of the JP Neilpryde team.  He love to pushing the sport with fellow riders, landing new moves and testing the best gear on the planet!

From a limited background, he pursued his dream against odds. Surrounded himself with believers, ldanded double forwards and competed in Worldtour competitions. Passion, determination, and persistence matter. His love for sports remains, aiming to spread windsurfing’s joy and enhance his skills, especially in waves.

Personal Quote of Maarten van Ochten

Men I just love sport and my drive didn’t change since the day I started.

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