Greta Marchegger

Greta Marchegger is our Italian watergirl who loves all our disciplines to the fullest.
She has been part of our team for many years as teamrider and has basically grown up in our brand.
The love for windsurfing came from her dad, an ex-professional athlete who still works in the windsurfing industry – but being able to call Lake Garda her home spot is of course also an advantage.

After many years of growing up and competing in the international racing regatta & event scene, after her studies she became also an integral part of our brand’s marketing team.

As she likes to say: 99% of my life is about windsurfing, in my family, in my private life and in my professional life – lucky me!

Greta Marchegger


JP Windsurfing

Greta Marchegger

Her love for the elements, water, windsurfing in all its forms, but also for the newer disciplines like SUP’n and winging is endless and she loves nothing more than traveling, living and experiencing these passions to the fullest.


Personal Quote of Greta Marchegger

Whatever you do, do it with love or not at all!

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