PWA Slalom Fuerteventura

4 JP slalom riders in the top-12!

Photos: John Carter / PWA Worldtour

4 JP Slalom Riders in the Top-12 make it the most consistent team success!

PWA World Cup Fuerteventura 27th-31st July
Results – Slalom Men

# 7 – Bruno Martini – ITA 160

# 9 – Enrico Marotti – CRO 401

#10 – Nico Prien – GER 7

#12 – Sebastian Kornum – DEN 24

#26 – Pierre Macquaert – FRA 945

#32 – Cyril Evrard – BEL 250

Enrico Marotti leading with Bruno Martini, Nico Prien and Pierre Macquaert in the chasing pack.

At this event, all riders went to their limits and beyond. The catapults were massive! No one was safe from crashing – the only questions were ‘when’, ‘how often’ and ‘how hard’.

The event saw a renewed battle between fin and foil and —while some don’t want to hear it— overall the foil is the faster weapon of choice for every rider. Given that gear will continue to evolve for another year and riders will get more used to it also in high winds, the only way to curb foil dominance is to create rules restricting foil use. That may make sense, because budgets are of course another limiting factor, because foils are significantly more expensive than fins.

Bruno celebrating his elimination victory!

Bruno Martini, ITA-160 — PWA World Cup Fuerteventura – Slalom Men: no.7
In this event Bruno was the man for the big show! He was one of the fastest riders out there AND he had absolutely brutal wipeouts. This combination guaranteed serious action and every single one of his heats was a thriller – he was the man to watch! ITA-160 finished the best JP rider on Fuerteventura. Bruno won one of the eliminations on foil and executed impressive speed runs on the fin in the high winds of the last day. Overall, Martini made seven eliminations and finished 7th !

Enrico "cruising" at impeccable speed

Enrico Marotti, CRO-401 — PWA World Cup Fuerteventura – Slalom Men: no.9
Enrico surprised because everybody expected that his victory in Gran Canaria would have given him the essential confidence boost and that he would continue the dominance now also on Fuerte. CRO-401 was able to show his awesome speed winning five of the early heats or easily cruising to the quarters. But there —often in the lead— he mixed in unusual, unexpected mistakes that all too often prevented him from reaching the final. One could tell that he was frustrated. But was is a forgettable event? No, because despite all these issued Enrico still was fast, he still managed to make five finals and finish amongst the top-10!

Nico pushing Bruno around the gybe
Laydown foil gybe by Nico

Nicolas Prien, GER-7: — PWA World Cup Fuerteventura – Slalom Men: no.10
His 5th place in Gran Canaria steered his hunger for more! But the path to success is not a steady progress but a bumpy road. This ended up in split feelings for Nico with flying high on one day and devastated on the next. In one of the early rounds he suffered from a bad crash causing a stiff neck and confidence at rock bottom at the end of the day. But Nico didn’t let that get him down. A new day and he kept going! This crash wasn’t the only one in this event but he always fought his way back and exclusively made it to runners-up finals and 4 finals. Overall, he’s happy with his top-10 result.

Sebastian demonstrates his gybing finesse

Sebastian Kornum, DEN-24 — PWA World Cup Fuerteventura – Slalom Men: no.12
Recovering from a small but persistent injury and being tied down by other obligations, this was Sebastian’s first PWA event this season. And what a comeback he made! Thanks to his consistency and his tactical experience, he almost always made it to the runners-up final. He also impressed with his jibing skills which enabled him to overtake and make up places. As highlights he managed to make two finals with a 4th in the last elimination. Great to see him back on the racing track !

Pierre Macquaert, FRA-945 — PWA World Cup Fuerteventura – Slalom Men: no.26
Cyril Evrard, BEL-250
— PWA World Cup Fuerteventura – Slalom Men: no. 32
The two youngsters in the team sailed very well, proving their talent and the potential for future top places.

Congratulations to all the team for great action and consistent performance !

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