Young Gun Magic Ride

Designed to meet the needs of the new generation, it features a reduced stance width and a shorter distance between footstrap plugs for narrower feet. With a variety of footstrap options every youngster will find their own individual correct footstrap position no matter what size, weight and sailing level. It works for anyone up to around 50 kilos.

Responding to the feedback from our customers, this new model is a bit smaller than its predecessor and therefore also suits the demands of the lighter youngsters. Nevertheless, it is still wide enough with sufficient volume to provide good stability for uphauling and learning for all youngsters. They will advance quickly and learn to sail back and forth happily in no time.
The board responds quickly to rig steering already in light winds and is very easy to tack and gybe.
Once the young rider is more experienced, the board will progress together with them. The combination of a relatively small rig paired with the rider’s light weight will accelerate this board easily on to the plane. And once planing, foot steering will require less effort than in the past and initiating turns will become much easier.

• Fun from the very first minute
• Very stable
• You will be sailing back and forth happily on your first day
• Very easy to tack and jibe
• Progresses together with you
• Intuitive Guide Pad – the colour-coded EVA Pad works as guideline where to position your feet

The very wide Young Gun Magic Ride is providing lots of stability. Youngsters also get on the plane much quicker and initiating turns is easy due to the round outline.

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