Boardbag X-Bag

The JP Boardbag X-Bag comes with a double zipper to pack the foil mounted on the board.


JP Boardbag X-Bag
Small – 140×80 cm for X-Winger 4’5″
Medium – 181×85 cm for X-Winger 5’0″, 5’5″ and X-Foil 5’8″
Large – 212×93 cm for X-Winger 6’0″, 6’5″ and X-Foil 6’2″, 6’6″


General note to prevent osmosis (blisters on your board):
While (short) transport is no problem, do not store your board(s) in wet conditions in a boardbag!

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Light bag


Double zipper on the tail