We introduced the JP windsurfing DNA to the most versatile shapes in the line and created this model. With this combination, we created the magic formula: Windsurf + SUP + inflatable = WindsupAir. The JP-Australia fans have chosen WindsupAIR as one of their all-time favorite products.
The WindsupAir provides a good all-round/cruising option for stand-up paddling, but the great windsurfing experience provided is equally enjoyable. Not to forget that it is also great for SUP yoga and SUP surfing. The center fin allows for better upwind performance. It comes in 3 different technologies and the LE 3DS and LE boards feature JP's top Welded Seam Technology..

JP SUP Windsupair LE 3DS bottomJP SUP Windsupair LE 3DS deck

Light Edition 3DS

12'6'' - 11'0"

2x US compatible

Tech data

WindsupAir LE 3DS
JP Australia SUP Windsupair LE 2021 bottomJP Australia SUP Windsupair LE 2021 deck

Light Edition

10'6" - 11'0"

2x US compatible

Tech data

WindsupAir LE
JP Australia Windsupair SL 2021 bottomJP Australia Windsupair SL 2021 deck



2x US compatible

Tech data

WindsupAir SL

Tech Features

Simple Operation Inflation Valve

Safe and fast push system to easily inflate the board.


Have all your private things secured while paddling. Either your towel or personal belongings inside a waterproof duffel bag - everything stays where it should with these bungees.


Resistant material and supports easy carrying in the inflated state of the board.


Diamond grooving and fine grooving for better gripping and comfort.

Tail Rail Edge

It enhances the performance of the boards by allowing a quick water release.

Leash D-Ring

Leash D-ring - safety first! Make sure that you always wear an appropriate leash for your SUP adventures.

Double Action Pump

The Double Action Pump follows all the SE 3DS, LE 3DS and LE boards.

Light Edition Bag

For a light board, we created a light and comfortable bag. The LE bag comes with reinforced comforable back straps. The front area features a fin pocket. All the i-SUP bags are designed to fit 3 pc paddles, making the transportation of the whole equipment very easy. To fit it inside, it is only necessary to detach the sections of the paddle.