Our team board appears again as huge as usual! With 17’ of length and 65” of width, this board was redesigned with a 6” Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch to decrease its weight. Call your friends and family, pets are also welcome! Fun times wait ahead with this gentle beast. Windsurf tandem blasting, teaching, paddling river tours, or just using it as your own private island!

The MonstAir comes with 4x 10″ fins, 2x Double Action Pump and 1x bag.

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3D Stringer


Welded Seam Technology


2x Windsurf Mastplugs


10x handles and 2 valves

Tech Features

Simple Operation Inflation Valve

Safe and fast push system to easily inflate the board.

Premium Handle (Superior Edition 3DS)

Super resistant material and color. Supports easy carrying in the inflated state of the board.


Diamond grooving and fine grooving for better gripping and comfort.

US Compatible Finboxes

Easy mounting finbox system with no need for special tools. Just put the fin inside the box, secure it with the provided screw and, jump onto your board and start paddling.

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