The AllroundAir was created to cover the widest range of average paddler’s needs: from absolute beginners to those taking white water runs; from amateur surfers to yoga enthusiasts. This board was born to provide a taste of all the possibilities in Stand-Up Paddling, with the bonus of being a safe step into this world.
It comes in 4 different technologies and all SE 3DS, LE 3DS and LE boards feature JP's top Welded Seam Technology.
A narrower nose allows for minimal push of the water in the front, resulting in a faster glide with each paddle stroke. The parallel outline ensures great traction and less paddle-hand changes. This also brings another advantage – a wider tail that significantly improves the stability of the board. A great recommendation for those who are not sure of what kind of board to buy.


Superior Edition 3DS

10'6" - 11'0"

US compatible

Tech data

AllroundAir SE 3DS
JP Australia SUP Allroundair LE 3DS 2021 bottomJP Australia SUP Allroundair LE 3DS 2021 deck

Light Edition 3DS

10'6" - 11'0" - 10'6" Version 5"

US compatible

Tech data

AllroundAir LE 3DS
JP Australia Allroundair LE 2021 bottomJP Australia Allroundair LE 2021 deck

Light Edition

10'6" - 11'0"

US compatible

Tech data

AllroundAir LE
JP Australia Allroundair SL 2021 bottomJP Australia Allroundair SL 2021 deck


10'6" - 11'0"

US compatible

Tech data

AllroundAir SL

SUP International

"A little more touring-centric than the rest of the boards here with its higher rocker, narrow nose and wide tail. Perfect for riders wanting a light, agile, quick iSUP." (AllroundAir LE)
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Stand Up Paddle Mag UK

"Both JP Australia's 10’6 AllroundAir and 11’6 CruisAir are examples of premium inflatables that are able to cope with multiple tasks. Being fun for newbies, yet applicable to touring and journeying..."
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Stand Up Paddle Mag UK

"’s an example of a top drawer product that’s designed for fun but not without engagement. Versatility is also on the agenda with the Allround Air being able to cope with much more than simply flat water." (AllroundAir LEC)
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Tech Features

Simple Operation Inflation Valve

Safe and fast push system to easily inflate the board.


Have all your private things secured while paddling. Either your towel or personal belongings inside a waterproof duffel bag - everything stays where it should with these bungees.


Resistant material and supports easy carrying in the inflated state of the board.


Diamond grooving and fine grooving for better gripping and comfort.

Center Arch (SE 3DS)

For better grip and foot positioning in pivot turns.

Tail Kick Pad (SE 3DS)

Find out where you are without looking down before pivot turns. Prevents foot from slipping outside of the pad area during swift turns.

Paddle Holder (SE 3DS)

To secure your paddle if you do not need it. While for example having a break or yoga session or even jumping off the board and go for a swim.

Tail Rail Edge

It enhances the performance of the boards by allowing a quick water release.

Leash D-Ring

Leash D-ring - safety first! Make sure that you always wear an appropriate leash for your SUP adventures.

Double Action Pump

The Double Action Pump follows all the SE 3DS, LE 3DS and LE boards.

Superior Edition Bag

This is the most comfortable way to transport your i-SUP. The SE bag is equiped with wheels to make the walk to the spot very smooth. It features reinforced back straps and back support for full comfort. The front area features a fin pocket.

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