The X-Foil is a specialized wing foiling, SUP foiling and windsurf foiling machine!
Shorter in length, wider and thicker compared to the Foil range, the boards offer generous flotation for instant reaction to pumping and for easy take-off.
The concave deck shape makes it easy to locate the centre of the board and to find a good balance over the foil.
The bevelled rails and tail kick help with reducing the wetted surface for easy take-off and carefree tight turns.
For windsurf foiling or getting used to foiling in all disciplines, strapless is the most comfortable and the way to go. Centered or V-angled foot-strap positions set-up in the ideal stance for wing foiling, SUP foiling and strapped tow foiling.

The boards are made in our ultimate PRO edition technology to ensure the lightest weight which is essential for early take-off, quick pumping and fast progression into jumping.
The strength of the track boxes is second to none - full deck to bottom PU blocks with multiple reinforcements covering our signature long US tracks for superior leverage to any forces a foil can throw at it.