The subtle displacement bow flowing into a double concave bottom with soft thin rails and narrow tail provide a combination of good glide, stability and solid surfing characteristic. The Hybrids feature a long efficient water line offering a superior paddling sensation on flat water with the longboard type of tail for easy rail to rail transfers in the surf.

Take the Hybrid for a tour or a downwind run and check out the waves on your way back. Bring along your necessities under the bungee tie downs for a great day on the water.


Stand-Up 9.0″ US – Resin Transfer Molded

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Shaped by Werner Gnigler


Innegra Parabolic Rail (thin rails)


Bungee rope


Long efficient water line


Double concave bottom

SUP Boarder

"The Hybrid is a board that really can do it all... The Hybrid is a superb shape and designed board, well worth the extra money if you have no transport issues." (Hybrid compared to the CruisAir LE)
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SUP World

"Providing great primary stability for your everyday paddle, and great features for surfing as well!"
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