Allwater Race

This is the board you can take to most of the races where you don’t know for sure what conditions you can expect: from downwind bumps to flatwater calmness. The rocker line of the Allwater shape is more pronounced than the one of the Flatwater shape. The concave throughout the standing area maximizes stability and creates a long flat rocker line section. The fin has a forward placed position for maximum maneuverability.

2023 Racing
14'0" x 22"14'0" x 23,5"14'0" x 25,5"

Fit right in between the Downwind and the Flatwater shape


Long flat rocker line section


Concave throughout the standing area


Full PVC sandwich deck and rails for the maximum in durability and lightweight


Fin: Race 8.4 US [RTM] and US fin box

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