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Prone, Foil and Foil Slate

SUP ProneFoil-Foil-FoilSlate 2020 JP-Australia from JP-AUSTRALIA on Vimeo.

Our 2020 line for Foiling comes bigger than ever. Foiling is allowing the riders to have a great time on the water in any condition. And with these boards you can do a great range of sports.



Surf and Surf Wide

SUP Surf-SurfWide 2020 JP-Australia from JP-AUSTRALIA on Vimeo.

We introduce the Surf line of JP-Australia SUP 2020. The Surf and Surf Wide shapes are made to be used in the proper surf conditions for riders of all sizes. All of the Surf boards come with a 5 fin setup option and 3 fins, meanwhile, the Surf Wide boards come with a quad fin set. The whole range comes with FCS plugs.


Fusion and Longboard

SUP Fusion-Longboard 2020 JP-Australia from JP-AUSTRALIA on Vimeo.

The combination of a classic surf board outlines, subtly curved rocker line and generous volume thinned out on the rails through a step deck is a winning concept that fuses glide and stability with great surfing characteristics. The essence of our Fusion and Longboard is: they love the waves and they are great for cruising too.


Cinematography: Elliot Leboe
Post Producer & Editors & Special Effects: Andreas Wolff, Dirk Urbaniak
Music: Sebastian Zenke