Maarten van Ochten shares his thoughts about the JP Freestyle board with the new Foil-Powerbox:

“Just wanted to let you know that I just received the last pieces from my foil so I could start using it with my Freestyle board.

It is mentioned that the board is ‘foil ready’ and therefore the JP Freestyle board now works for windsurf foiling, too.

But more than that, I think you should know that these boards work seriously fine for wing foiling as well!

I tried it in really light winds and it kept me going much quicker than I’d expected. The nose dives are no problem neither. I used the NeilPryde Glide Wind with the Large Blade and I could get going in ~3bft, with a 5,7.

Yes, I realize that the pumping technique from wing-foiling helps me to get going even quicker, but flying in so marginal conditions with only a 5.7 sail is beyond expectations. And then you realize that you can do the most radical moves on this board, too, you just have to switch a foil for a fin! I‘m super stoked. And so were the people around me, as they were are asking many question….

This means that for me, the Freestyle boards are the best convertibles! I like to call them convertibles because you can easily “convert” from one discipline to the next and the next.

This concept 3-in-1 is pretty cool:

  • Freestyle &
  • Windsurf foiling &
  • Wing foiling

And you could get rid of there big gear – just change the foil for a fin once you are overpowered…”