Enrico wins Pozo Slalom

3 JP slalom riders in the top-10!

Photos: John Carter / PWA Worldtour

Victory for Enrico Marotti : the Croat won his first event this year.

PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Slalom Men

# 1 – Enrico Marotti – CRO-401

# 5 – Nico Prien – GER-7

# 9 – Bruno Martini – ITA-160

PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Youth

# 4 –Anton Richter – G-6

PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Men

# 9 – Jules Denel – FRA-41

#13 – Robby Swift – K-89

#17 – Miguel Chapuis – E-99

#17 – Jake Schettewi – US-25

# 25 – Morgan Noireaux – HI-101

After the buoy Enrico rails his board up hard to stay in the lead.
Impeccable speed!

Enrico Marotti, CRO-401 — Next event victory !
Enrico has got what it takes to win: the endurance to train, the passion to work on every equipment detail, the speed to dominate and the drive to take all his determination through a whole event. He won the final event of last season in Japan. This year at Lake Garda he was in a good position for the podium and even the top sport was in reach… but a few mistakes in the end cost him dearly and he even missed the podium and came 4th. Nevertheless, everybody knew that he could do it simply because he obviously was super fast. And Pozo proved to be his playground: Enrico was on his foil gear in every heat of the whole event and was super fast. With 3 elimination victories, two 2nds and 3rds and only final positions counting he took the overall Slalom victory – convincingly !
Congratulations, Enrico !

Nico Prien celebrates his first ever PWA elemination victory !

Nicolas Prien, GER-7: — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Slalom Men: no.5
At Lake Garda, Nico celebrated his return to Slalom competition for JP with a top-10 place: 9th. And now, Pozo delivered more reason to celebrate: Nico made most of the eliminations finals with super scores and even managed to claim his first ever PWA elimination victory! Overall he managed to take 5th position – still pending is Nico’s insight, if this was his best ever PWA result so far?

Bruno finally on fin again !

Bruno Martini, ITA-160 — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Slalom Men: no.9

They say Bruno hates foiling. Pozo provided the right stage to be on the fin again – at least that’s what Bruno thought. And yes, he was one of the fastest on fin out there … but once he swapped to foiling and adapted to the speed in Pozo his results improved. Like Enrico and Nico, he was much faster on foil and had his best elimination results on the foil – but maybe the hardest crashes in his life, too ? Maybe in the near future they will say “Bruno loves foiling” ? 😉
Top-10 again !

Stylish tone in tone
How high can you go ?

Jules Denel, FRA-41 — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Men: no.9
In this event, Jules was the best ranked JP rider. In the single elimination he put up an immaculate performance with his super high jumps and loops, fully in control. He dispatched of local sailors Pons and Köster and was on the way to his best ever PWA result. Unfortunately , in the double elimination he couldn’t keep up the spirit of the previous day and scored fewer points than in any previous heat, halting his path to success. Overall, Jules  matched his best Pozo results  from 2015 and 2016: 9th. Great show, Jules!

Robby Swift, K-89 — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Men: no.13
When it comes to consistent competition results, Robby is our most reliable rider in the stable.

Miguel Chapuis, E-99 — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Men: no. 17
Miguel was able to capitalize on his knowledge of the spot and work his way up the elimination and was able to match last year’s result.

Jake Schettewi, US-25 — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Men: no. 17
Last time Jake competed in Pozo was in 2019 when he still was a Youngster. Since then, he got bigger and stronger and so also his riding now is more powerful and he could improve his ranking.

Morgan Noireaux, HI-101 — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Men: no. 25
Simply not a great event for Morgan: getting kicked out of the eliminations in early rounds before finding “one’s flow” resulted in a disappointing Pozo ranking.

Anton Richter, G-6 — PWA World Cup Gran Canaria – Wave Youth: no. 4
Anton was unlucky as he did not make the podium and had to settle for 4th. Nevertheless, he showed that he is a true all-rounder not only a top Slalom fin and foil racer but wave sailor alike!

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