This 3D Stringer and the tail release edge have further improved this amazing performer. The 4” thickness ensures the rail will be able to hold the turn with ease. Forget the airline fees and pack it into a standard suitcase if you will. Roll it, pump it, surf it!

The SurfAir comes with 1x 9″ fin, 1x Double Action Pump and 1x Superior Edition Roller Bag.

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3D Stringer


Tail Rail Edge


Welded Seam Technology


4" thickness for easy turns

Tech Features

Simple Operation Inflation Valve

Safe and fast push system to easily inflate the board.

Premium Handle (Superior Edition 3DS)

Super resistant material and color. Supports easy carrying in the inflated state of the board.


Diamond grooving and fine grooving for better gripping and comfort.

Center Arch (SE 3DS)

For better grip and foot positioning in pivot turns.

Tail Kick Pad (SE 3DS)

Find out where you are without looking down before pivot turns. Prevents foot from slipping outside of the pad area during swift turns.

Paddle Holder (SE 3DS)

To secure your paddle if you do not need it. While for example having a break or yoga session or even jumping off the board and go for a swim.

Tail Rail Edge

It enhances the performance of the boards by allowing a quick water release.

JP-Australia- full tail rail Edge-surfair


The full Tail Rail Edge is specifically designed for improved performance while catching waves. It enhances the performance of the boards by allowing a quick water release and creating a bigger surface in contact with the water, which means more stability and more carving power.

US Compatible Finboxes

Easy mounting finbox system with no need for special tools. Just put the fin inside the box, secure it with the provided screw and, jump onto your board and start paddling.