Especially in these unprecedented Corona times, it is important to find ways to balance things out. We are convinced that water sports can be a crucial component in bringing our mind and body back into a healthy and balanced state. We know that the sports we practice can play an important part in making this new normality worth living in the long term.

Stand Up Paddling in particular offers access to this for a wide range of people. The chance to find peace and relaxation in nature alone or with the family, or to be active in sports independent of wind and sun, while observing all distance rules, will become a kind of lifeline for many in the coming weeks. Hence our motto “Keep fit. Out of decency with distance”.

An inflatable board is a very good option in this context!

The inflatable boards are very good options to make the transition back to a balanced lifestyle. It is a good time to check if your home spot is available, no matter if it is on the sea or a lake. Confirm with the local authorities if people are allowed to practice water sports there before riding. Our i-SUP line features boards for all kinds of conditions, for both beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

At times like this, we have to think even more about the logistics of a trip to a spot. The i-SUPs are for sure the most compact and practical way to travel. Their bags can carry the board, the pump, the fins and a 3-piece paddle all at once. Besides that, the boards are very light and easy to inflate/deflate. This is a great setup for a bike ride to a SUP day at the beach!

The JP-Australia fans know that the DNA of this company is closely connected to Windsurfing. For those who are looking for a product that offers maximum versatility, we recommend searching for our products that have Windsurf option. If it is a windy day, bring along your sail but keep your paddle in your bag, just in case!

Stay healthy, stay fit.