Nessa Brunton

BornSão Paulo, SP, Brazil
Weight55 kg
Marital Status
EducationColegial, (Ciencias Exatas) in Brazil
SUP since2010
JP since2015


SUP (of course...) biking, hiking, swimming
Best day in my life:
always when I fall in love....
Best day possible:
SUP with friends, calm water, light wind, long distance...
Best Vacation:
biking for 3 months in many countries on Europe
Favorite music:
Favorite book:
Seeing in the Dark (Colleen Deatsman and Paul Bowersox)
Book I read now:
Exercise research and new age books
Favorite motor vehicle:
The one I drive now, (Mercury Mariner)
Favorite Spot(s):
Ilhabela-Brazil, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Ilha Grande (Brazil), Jupiter Intracoastal
Favorite JP SUP:
my 2016 JP Race 12'6"
Personal "madness" & " obsessions":
Paddling distances greater than 12 miles. Bike long distance.
Inspired by:
Mary Ann Boyle
Proud about:
Being able to do what I do and look the way I look being more than 50 years old.
Sport Targets:
Do my best to represent JP-Australia.
The future:
Never thought about it in my entire life....things just keep happening...
My slogan:
Spread happiness and smile always and everything will be awesome!!
Anything else...
Yes, always remember be humble and greatful for what you are and have and always look for the good in people and situations.