Emely Siewert

Race Flatwater 14’0“ x 23“

Born04/09/1995, Potsdam, Germany
Weight51 kg
Size164 cm
Marital Statusin a relationship
EducationCurrently I’m studying Biology at the „Freie Universität“ of Berlin
SUP since2016
JP since2017

Instagram: emelysiewert


SUP, Surfing, Snowboarding, Skating, Judo… Besides these sports I really love to travel
Best day in my life:
The day when I took my first wave on a surfboard in Hossegor (What a feeling!!!)
Best day possible:
A good day on the water with friends and a braai at the beach in the evening
Best 'vacation':
Roadtrip through Germany and Italy with Paul last summer
Favorite music:
Nearly everything, but at the moment mostly Samy Deluxe
Book I read now:
Favorite motor vehicle:
Paul’s Nissan Primastar called „Bussi“
Favorite spot(s):
Dunes, Cape Town
Favorite JP SUP(s):
JP Race 14’0“ x 23“
Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':
Can’t sit still for a second
Inspired by:
Pretty much everybody
Sport targets:
Getting altogehter: surfing, paddling, competing, travelling and make the best of it
The future:
Traveling around the world in a van, surfing the best waves and explore untouched places with SUP
My slogan (word I live by):
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a surfboard. That is happiness.

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