Carol Scheunemann

Born12. Nov. 1958; Minnesota, USA
Weight51 kg
Size162 cm
Marital Statusmarried
Educationpolitical science
SUP since
JP since2014


SUP, running, weight lifting, soccer
Best day in my life:
With luck, tomorrow. Why live in the past?
Best day possible:
A day with a good workout or two. Or three.
Best 'vacation':
Visiting my family in San Diego, California.
Favorite music:
Music for an upbeat mood. Heavy Metal for hard workouts.
Favorite book:
Anything by David Sedaris. Very funny.
Book I read now:
Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
Favorite spot(s):
Alpine lakes in Switzerland and France
Preferred JP SUP(s):
JP Race 2015. Great for flatwater and lightweights like me.
Inspired by:
Diana Nyad. Swam from Florida to Cuba at age 64
Proud about:
Lifelong sports. Olympic qualifier in archery at age 17. Marathon runner age 30-45. Being a 55+ athlete.
Sport targets:
Work as a SUP instructor and try to come up with structured training for beginner and intermediate levels
The future:
Who knows? Staying active and avoiding injury, I hope.
Steinlechner Bootswerft. JP. Supskin. Zhik.
My slogan (word I live by):
It never gets easier. You just get stronger.
Anything else:
My family name was ?Sup?. Must be fate.


  • No 1 - Hot Freeze Winter Cup series
  • No 1 - Alps Trophy - Overall 2015 (1st in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 2nd in Italy)
  • No 4 - Lost Mills. Ranking among pros 20-35 years younger.
  • No 1 - Gla Gla Race, Lac d? Annecy, FR
  • No 1 - Spring Lagoon Trophy, Grado, ITA
  • No 1 - Happy Summer SUP, Namur, BEL
  • No 2 - German Championships - Long Distance
  • No 2 - German Championships - Technical Race
  • No 3 - German Championships - Sprint
  • ... raced in more than 30 events this season
  • No 1 - Killerfish Trophy
  • No 1 - SUP Tour Switzerland
  • No 1 - Alps Trophy - Overall 2014