Carl Soranno

Born14/11/1990 LongIsland, New York
Weight86 kg
Size180 cm
Marital StatusSingle
EducationBachelor of Science in Outdoor Recreation Parks and Leisure Studies
SUP since2012
JP since2015



Surfing, Paddling, swimming, rock climbing, camping, hiking really anything outdoors especially in the ocean.
Best day in my life:
Scoring some big swell with one of my friends in Puerto Rico and that whole morning adventuring around trying to find someone who could fix my travel bag zipper (quite the story).
Best day possible:
Hiking 2 miles to your surf spot and setting up camp on the beach to some killer swell
Best 'vacation':
Going to a place where the waves are always good and plenty of things to explore. The perfect surf/ adventure trip
Favorite music:
Sublime / Jedi Mind Tricks
Favorite book:
Scar Tissue
Book I read now:
too much traveling to read at the moment
Favorite motor vehicle:
my mini van of course!
Favorite spot(s):
Anything with a Left break
Favorite JP SUP(s):
Surf 7?6?x27?, Slate 7?2? x 26?
Personal 'madness' & 'obsessions':
The ocean. A few days without getting wet and I get restless
Inspired by:
What inspires me the most is watching someone get stoked on whatever they find exciting.
Proud about:
Taking what I love so much and making it into my career
Sport targets:
Progressing the sport of paddle surfing, reaching my full potential within the sport, and being able to spread my knowledge onto others wanting to learn more and how to better their skills.
The future:
At the moment I do not know what the future holds. So much amazing things have happened I didn?t expect within this past year that all I can say now is hopefully great things.
JP-Australia, Blueline Surf & Paddle Co., COVA, Crowd Control Surf, Sushi Jo, Plastic Tides
My slogan (word I live by):
You can work at something as hard as you want but make sure you enjoy doing it.
Anything else...
I have dedicated my whole life to introducing people to the outdoors and specifically recreation. It can improve your quality of life and I love sharing that passion with others. This is why I fall into such an amazing place doing what I do.


  • 3rd place in ESSC stop #1